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Posted: January 7th, 2013

DowntonObsession is a good word for those of us who watch Downton Abbey, and that’s what the cover story in Parade magazine calls it. New and current fans joined in on Facebook to comment on the phenom of Downton Abbey. And many new fans had a good point — it is called Masterpiece in a lot of television listings rather than Downton Abbey. So, it was difficult to find for folks new to the program.

Masterpiece’s Downton Abbey premiered its third season last night on WQLN. If you didn’t see it, catch up on it and all the episodes on PBS here.

Shirley MacLaine joined the show with a flourish. She was entertaining but not over the top. If you want to catch up on the recaps and reviews, here they are:

  • Entertainment Weekly — click here.
  • A fitting review from Forbes is here – Forbes you might ask? It all makes sense because Downton’s owners’ investments raised concerns in the premiere episode last night — fascinating stuff with great historical connections.
  • And here’s the Rolling Stone review.

I interviewed Mrs. Patmore — actress Lesley Nicol — by phone about a month ago for our January issue of Lake Erie LifeStyle — here’s the link to that interview. I got my husband hooked last night — I think the cool cars helped!

The comments on Twitter can be found at #Downton.

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Posted: February 19th, 2012

The article included in Parade Magazine today about the return of nighttime soaps is a hit with me.  I’ve been a fan of Revenge since it started, and I remember all those other soaps including Dallas and Falcon Crest. A funky new version of Dallas airs with new episodes this summer. Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray all return.

My history with soaps goes way back to when my mom watched Love of Life and Search for Tomorrow (which started as 15 minutes and increased to an hour by the time I was in college). I was a fan of Dark Shadows, too. (The 2012 Dark Shadows movie is coming out in May with Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer.) Then Young and the Restless was born, followed by Bold and the Beautiful, which I still watch and I am even a recapper for the show.

The appeal of soaps is that simple feeling that you can watch someone else’s troubles and escape into their world for a few minutes a day, or week. Whether it’s s ridiculous romance or a madcap murder plot, it’s all interesting because it’s happening to someone else. And if you haven’t seen Downton Abbey on PBS, catch up either online at PBS or get your fix through Netflix. Everyone is talking about it — it’s soap and history at its finest.

Some of the nighttime soap stars have crossed over into daytime including Susan Flannery and Patrick Duffy. So after this season of Revenge concludes in May, Dark Shadows the movie will be out and Dallas returns with Bobby and JR Ewing. Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble!


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Posted: January 29th, 2012

Today’s The Bird Feeder Wars article in Parade Magazine made me laugh out loud. I can identify with author Connie Schultz.

We have a squirrel in our yard that’s as big as a dog, and our neighbor has tried to thwart its attempts to clean out her bird feeder. It is funny to watch. We just feed him.

In last week’s House to Home, Sue Scholz paid tribute to National Squirrel Appreciation Day, and it was entertaining as well. Read her article here. And enjoy the squirrels. Nature entertains when you least expect it.

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