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Posted: December 9th, 2012

Pantone’s selection of tangerine stole the show in 2012, and the new year will be coming up green with Pantone’s choice of emerald as the color of 2013.

It’s the color of money and signifies growth. In fact, it’s a pretty shade for grass and pretty much every tree. What a great choice. I know the Girl Scouts are happy about the selection.

In honor of this announcement, I bought a green dress. I now have an excuse to buy more green stuff.

A few months ago, the PANTONE Color Institute posted its top 10 women’s fashion colors for Spring 2013. Glamour Magazine did a great piece on it. Read my blog on that topic here. Those colors include: Bright ChartreuseEthereal RhapsodyFrench Roastgrayed-down purpleHoney GoldOlympian BluePink FlambéTangerine TangoUltramarine GreenAfrican violetdusk blue and of course emeraldPantone’s colorists also told us how hot all greens would become in fashion for the next year. Read my blog on that here.

Right now, let’s all get out there and spend some green on something green.

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