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Posted: July 23rd, 2013

PearlSomeone needs to stop me.

I always played games with my kids. You name it: Sorry, Monopoly, puzzles, Rollercoaster.  I spent one summer personally conquering Nintendo tennis.

A few years ago, we had a Words with Friends frenzy. I even played with my kids’ friends, but I had to stop because I would lose by default — I couldn’t find the time to play.

Other than bouts with Sudoku on my phone and an occasional match with Freecell, I do not play many games. Until my friend — whom I had not seen in about 35 years — sucked me into Pearl’s Peril on Facebook. It’s kind of like the original Nancy Drew novels, and it’s from the same era. You have to figure out what happened to Pearl’s father.

It’s a mystery in the form of a chapter book, and you construct buildings on Pearl’s family’s island as you collect clues — via finding hidden objects in a short time. I thought it was about 7 chapters. That was in May. I am now in Chapter 13, and I don’t see any end in sight. And the island still has a lot of real estate to explore.

I am getting a little sick of finding the rat, cat, fire extinguisher, gloves and snake in every chapter. But I have also learned new words for objects I never heard of, and it’s all in the effort to save Pearl and figure out who are the good guys and bad guys.

The best thing about this is the sound effects. It has lapping waves and birds. And don’t worry that you will play too long because you run out of energy in minutes, and you have to wait to accumulate some, ask friends for it or buy it. I’m not doing the last two — except for my three friends who play with me. But you still won’t get much energy.

I tried to ditch Pearl for other hidden object games, but most of them want money or have complicated storylines with gremlins and monsters. Another one had objects so tiny you had to use the cursor as a magnifying glass and some of the rooms were dark. The objects moved with every turn, and a lot of them were hidden on the ceiling. It had cats and rats too.

I have to run — it’s time to help Pearl escape from the submarine bay so I can buy a greenhouse for the island.

Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyle, Her Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa. She is the mom of three and stepmom to three.

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Posted: December 6th, 2012

Last year, my son used the word donk, and I had no idea what a donk was. It’s a butt — an ample one. It is not in Merriam Webster’s version of a dictionary.

But it’s in songs, even country songs. It was not among the new NPR words. I found donk and more contemporary jargon in the Urban Dictionary and the online slang dictionary. So here’s the translation of a few you might hear from family members this holiday season.

YOLO – you only live once. I missed this somehow. It’s been around forever in texting just like LOL, but it was lost on me.

iFatigue — Apple product introductions are wearing us out. At anagramer.com, this word gets 12 – 14 points in Scrabble and Words with Friends. Not sure if it is officially accepted.

Typerventilating — rapid instant messaging. I am guilty of this — my kids will tell you that.

Prezo or Preso — a short presentation.

Sofa Sunday — day people shop using iThings which probably results in iFatigue.
The Urban Dictionary has a word of the day, and some are pretty funny — others are crude, lewd and definitely not kid-friendly. If someone you work with, live with or comes to visit speaks in slang you don’t understand, keep Urban Dictionary and the online slang dictionary handy, but don’t just sit on your donk and get iFatigue looking up words.

Pam Parker is the editor of Lake Erie LifeStyleHer Times and House to Home at the Erie Times-News in Erie, Pa. She is the mom of three, stepmom to three and step-grandmom to one.

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