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Posted: January 19th, 2011
One byte at a time

Good day on the technology front. Wegmans new 10th anniversary issue of Menu came out and it has something called “QR codes.” I can use my smartphone (present from Santa) to scan a code inside the magazine that sends videos and recipes to the screen on my phone. The camera lens on the phone just looks at the code, and pretty soon, there’s a chef demonstrating the recipe on my phone screen. Way cool.

Also downloaded the Epicurious mobile app for Android-based phones. It’s a good one. First, it’s free. Second it’s lightening fast, access to thousands of recipes, an easy save-to-faves button and shopping list. I’ll be using that one a lot. So long floppy 8×11 papers falling all over my grocery cart!
The Food Network app costs $2 and it’s reviews are all over the place. I’ll hold off for now.
Speaking of now,

My God, this looks awesome.

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