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Posted: March 25th, 2011
Berry, berry, strawberry

Strawberry Cake from allrecipes.com will, with any luck, tame my husband's craving for at least a few minutes.

My husband has a problem with strawberries. You can slap the word strawberry on anything and he’d eat it.
His birthday is tomorrow, and I bet you can guess what kind of cake he wants. Yeah. Strawberry. With strawberry ice cream. Topped with sliced strawberries. Served in a bowl made of dried strawberries.
OK, I made the last one up. But if it existed, he’d eat it.
I’ve had mixed results making cake from scratch, so I’m doing it early tomorrow morning, so if I have to I still have time to go to Plan B: Duncan Hines.
Here’s my starting point, from Allrecipes.com.
But there’s another wrinkle, and it’s not unreasonable: He wants it to be dairy free so our kid can eat it. Good sentiment. So I’ll replace the milk in the cake with soy milk, the butter with Crisco and 2 tablespoons water, and make vegan “cream cheese” frosting.

Wish me luck.

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