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Posted: August 1st, 2011

One of the only cookbooks I allow in the house.

I really don’t like cookbooks. It’s hard to explain why, because the reason is buried deep under a pile of my neuroses. But it’s something like this: They make me feel guilty.
Some were gifts. Some I bought myself, sucked in by the cover and my mood on the day I plunked down the money. Some I got free here at work and shouldn’t have taken them home due to journalistic ethics considerations. Not that we’re not allowed to use cookbooks, but I try not to profit too much from food marketing largess.
I have about five cookbooks that I couldn’t live without. I have a lot more, but they need to go away. They keep looking at me, mocking me, taking up space in an unattractive haphazard sort of way.
This is not because I’m some sparse-kitchen-super-neat-freak. It’s because I’m not. If I took home every beautiful, intriguing cookbook that came my way or I saw in a store, I’d have to start sleeping on them.
And herein lies the rub: Rarely do I look through a cookbook, beautiful or otherwise. This is because if I sit down anywhere in my house, with anything in my hands, something furry or 5 starts crawling all over me. It’s best to just stand up and keep moving.
I get 95 percent of my recipes online or in magazines that come to my work desk. The bonus of this is that printing recipes for one use makes a lot more sense than storing the food splatters and water-damaged illegible pages into eternity.
In case you’re wondering, here are the ones I live by:
Joy of Cooking
Weber’s Way To Grill
Ultimate Bread Machine Recipes
Gooseberry Patch’s Gifts in a Jar
and this one: Chocolate on the Brain.
I pulled it out Saturday for my favorite brownie recipe, Intensely Chocolate Cocoa Brownies
So, you see, the book earns its keep.
Now if I could just let go of all those old computer printouts.

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