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Posted: December 31st, 2010
Eriez stove and radiator

Eriez stove and radiator

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  1. D. Butler says:

    This Eriez stove looks like one we had in our bathroom on East Avenue when I was a child, perhaps 70 or more years ago. The gas jets must have be plugged or misadjusted, because the row of flames were bright yellow, not blue as I might now expect.
    The old house has central heat, but for some reason, not in that room.
    I distictly remember my aunt teaching me that those flames were, as she put it, “artificial”.
    The was no guard or screen on the front of it and it was lit by a match.
    One hopes there are none of these stoves currently in use. They would meet none of the safety standards now in effect!

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