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Posted: November 30th, 2010
Shellac Flakes Supplier

I’ve ordered a lot of shellac flakes, buttons, seedlac in the past but the place I used to get it from went out of business a while back and now there are new people running it.  The prices aren’t low like they used to be so I didn’t buy from them.

I checked some of the woodworkers forums to see where they buy from.  After checking the different recommended websites I chose  Shellac Shack from the state of Oregon.  They had the cheapest I could find for 5 lbs of the dewaxed garnet shellac flakes. The problem is they can’t take bulk orders over the internet. I guess their website wasn’t set up for the discount on bulk.   I had to call them and make the order.  Pretty old fashioned, right?!!  I don’t feel comfortable giving information over the phone. On the internet you use those shopping carts that have security locks so you feel more confident (and I always check the shopping cart has the lock icon on the browser.)  But before I ordered I checked the reviews by doing searches and people had only good things to say so I hope everything turns out OK, if not I’ll surely let you know.  He seemed really nice and he said he hadn’t gone to the post office so he’d send it today. That’s service!  Until my shellac comes, I’m pretty much at a stand still for finishing the woodwork trim. That’s OK because I have plenty of laundry and cleaning to do.***UPDATE:  I ordered the shellac on Tuesday and got the shellac late this afternoon, Thursday!!  That’s fast from Oregon to Pennsylavania!  Good job United States Postal Service and Shellac Shack.  The shellac came in 1 lb packages which is good.  When I bought bulk elsewhere all 5 lbs came in one big bag.  It will stay fresher this way.  Also the shellac flakes are pretty fine textured.  Only one bag has a hard clump of shellac in it.  I always get some clumps no matter who I have bought from and a hammer will break it up easily.  I’m very happy. I want to also note that I sent a flat-rate Priority box from Erie, PA to my son in Washington state on Monday and he got it Wednesday morning.  Wow, the postal service seems on top of things this year.

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3 Responses to “Shellac Flakes Supplier”
  1. Kate H. says:

    I’ll have to compare them with in California. Though I’m using buttons, not flake. Maybe Shellac Shack has them, too?

    I’d ask what you’re using your shellac for, but I imagine I can catch up on your blog and find out.

  2. Linda says: is where I used to buy my shellac. Then several years ago something went wrong. I ordered several pounds of shellac flakes and they were back ordered. Every time I called about when they expected the order to be filled they gave me another date several weeks in the future. Finally, after several months, I asked them to stop giving me the run-a-round and tell me if they would be getting some more in for the rest of the year. I only put up with it and didn’t find a different supplier was because they really had great prices. Before when I’d call about the back order, the girl kept telling me the owner was in India trying to obtain the shellac. How many trips would it take as I waited months? Pretty soon rumors were on the internet about the owner skipping out or not being able to pay bills or such things. The girl finally told me I should find some other source. From what I read (you never know if things on the internet are always true) the former owner of, Patrick, had a great business going but decided to sell it. The sale price or payments were somehow tied to the sales the new owner made. The new owner allegedly “cooked” the books (this is hearsay ) to show fewer orders than there really were so he wouldn’t have to pay as much. I’m not sure if there was a lawsuit or what but the new owner was no longer filling orders. The website stayed up for a long time which was really confusing to people that wanted to order as no one was answering the phones. What was true and what wasn’t was anyone’s guess but something was really wrong. at the time and I think still is the same as (not which is no longer an active website.) I read there is a new owner for (and They appear reputable and I checked them first but I found the best price at for the product I was looking for. Also the owner of previous to the problem owner gave an endorsement for on their website It was signed: Patrick Olguin – former owner of and original purveyor of the famed Paddylac(TM.) To answer your question in your comment, I’m refinishing all the woodwork in my house, baseboards, doors, crown moldings, built-ins as well as some of my old antiques so I use a lot of shellac! One thing for sure about the website before and after is that it has information about everything you need to know about shellac. Whether you order or not it is a great website for learning about shellac.

  3. Linda says:

    Interesting information about ordering shellac. By the way, I’ve had good service with the USPS as well:)