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Posted: April 8th, 2009
More Items from Behind the Baseboards-Mantle

These items I got pretty excited about finding when we took the baseboards off and removed the mantle. You can see others in one of the previous posts. This is half the excitement of owning an old house.  You never know what you will find.


I really loved this Conklin’s Brochure.  1033 State Street.  On our way to the Otters game a couple of weeks ago, I had my husband drive down State Street so I could see what is now located where the tire store in this brochure used to be.  I looked it up on the internet before we left  using that address and what came up was Dafmark Dance Theatre.  When we drove by the building that is 1033 we didn’t see any signs, perhaps we missed it, but it looked like the bottom story of the building was empty.  The upper floors appeared to be in use.  Looking at it, I couldn’t imagine a tire store being there at one time.  I’m wondering what year this tire brochure was from.  The tire is so skinny, perhaps from the 1920s?


How about this one! Arthur F Schultz must have been around a long time.   Below is the inside of the brochure.  I did some web searches for antique refrigerators and the ones that look like those pictured in the brochure seem to be from the early 1930s.


The former Schultz store appears to now be  “All in the Cut” beauty salon at 1616 Parade Street. And at 1618 is now Prince Hall Temple Association. These businesses appear to be side by side in the same building when I looked at the street shot in Google Maps.  Anyone know the year that Arthur F Schultz moved from there?


Well this one has a date so there is no speculation on the date here.  Check out these neat shoes in the Weschlers Bostonian Shoe Store brochure.  The address is 924 State Street. A Google search only comes up with a person’s name.  I always assumed this store was located in the Boston Store and never checked out the address but the former Boston Store is down a couple of blocks.


This Shredded Wheat recipe doesn’t seem to appealing even in the ad.  If you can’t read the recipe but would like to try it, just email me and I’ll transcribe it and send it to you.  Really?  You want to try creamed chicken over Shredded Wheat?


This little gem is kind of neat.  It’s big.  That is about 11 inches high.  It appears to be part of a bigger puzzle.  It was the only piece that fell behind the mantle.


This photo was also found behind the mantle.  I have no idea what it could be.  It looks like it is a cut-a-way for display purposes.  Perhaps a stove pipe system?  Maybe a salesman would hand these out to prospective customers.  Anyone have a clue to what this could be?

There are a few more items that I’ll post in the future.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hello, I started the flickr group Accidental Time Capsules and if you would be so kind as to add to the collection, these would be a wonderful addition. All the best on your renovations….I’ve been discovering great things behind my old house’s walls, floors and baseboards and wanted to share them too.