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Posted: January 8th, 2010

Between our living room and dining room we have built-in china cabinets (or book shelves) with leaded glass doors. I have them filled with mostly ceramic or glass knick-nacks. What I’d like to do is clear out most of it, add glass shelving and some lights from the top to shine down and spotlight some gorgeous art glass. I got this in my system because we visited the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY. I expected to see how they made Corningware and the history of glass and how they made it but I didn’t expect examples all the way back from ancient times to modern art glass. It was so classy and the displays so interesting. There are rooms just full of examples and explainations of how craftsmen came up with the colors and what experiements with chemicals they did to get the different colors. I couldn’t possibly have taken photos of all of it, not even 1/100th of what was there. I made a video slideshow of some of the examples. The Corning Museum of Glass is just 191 miles from Erie which is 3 hours and 8 minutes away (according to Google.) It’s a most wonderful weekend get-away!
Here is an example of some of the glass in the slideshow.

Included in this first slideshow video are examples of Tiffany, stained glass, Frank Lloyd Wright, prairie-style, cut crystal chandeliers, reverse painting on glass, micromosaics, depression glass, art nouveau, art deco, modern, vaseline glass, tables made completely from glass and more. Ancient glass from more than 1300 BC and later will be in a following post.

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