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Posted: November 24th, 2010

I have been away with my husband visiting my dad in California this past week.  It was a great time to visit before things get crazy with the holidays.  The airports were not busy yet and we made it through without pat-downs at the security check points at the airports.  Both airports we used to check in coming and going (Erie and Sacramento) didn’t have scanners and all we had to do was walk through the usual metal detectors.  All that worry for nothing for me.

While I was at my dad’s house I noticed his heating thermostat.  It looked almost identical to ours that I replaced with a programmable last month.  I thought ours was probably vintage or antique.  I asked my brother who installed the thermostat in my dad’s house how old the thermostat was.  It was new when he installed it less than 8 years ago.  The style looks old to me. Perhaps some people like the old style?

Also, I thought I would mention a purchase I made a few months ago that I forgot to blog about.  I ordered a 50-ft hose from the internet for my Kirby vacuum.  It isn’t a Kirby brand but has attachments that fit different hose connections.  With my hardwood floors refinished I don’t like dragging the vacuum across it all the time and possibly scratching it.  I also don’t like hauling my vacuum on the stairs and with cats it works better to vacuum than to just swiffer.  I do come back and swiffer for any leftover hair. The 50-ft hose does lose some of the suction (from friction of the air in the hose that long) but still has a good suction.  I can place my vacuum and do all of my stairs and hardwood floors in the living room and dining room without moving the vacuum.  I love it! Maybe not as good as a central vacuum system but still great.

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