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By Karen Burchill staff blogger
I am a mother of two young boys, working full-time and commuting 72 miles round-trip to work. Food and gas expenses continue to rise. Join me on my shopping makeover as I journey to save my budget one coupon at a time. Learn from my ups and downs and offer me insight into the world of couponing from the eyes of a time-crunched, bargain-loving mom.
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I purchased 5 items for $2.50

It’s time (again) to brag about my savings. I’ve just returned from a lunch walk to the downtown Rite Aid where I purchased Vaseline lotion, Caress body wash, 2 Degree deodorants and a pack of Carefree pantiliners.

The lotion, body wash and deodorant were on sale 4/$10 plus buying all 4 earned me $3 back in +UP rewards. I had a $1 off coupon for each the lotion and body wash and a BOGO free coupon for the deodorant. The pantiliners were on sale for $1 and I had a $1 off coupon.

Retail value of highest priced item: Caress body wash, $4.99
Cheapest item: pantiliners and one deodorant, FREE!
Avg. cost/item: $.50

Sale ends Saturday!

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