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By Karen Burchill staff blogger
I am a mother of two young boys, working full-time and commuting 72 miles round-trip to work. Food and gas expenses continue to rise. Join me on my shopping makeover as I journey to save my budget one coupon at a time. Learn from my ups and downs and offer me insight into the world of couponing from the eyes of a time-crunched, bargain-loving mom.
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Does buying in bulk save dollars?

There’s an interesting article on this morning offering 5 tips to buying in bulk.

How many items do you buy in bulk? The coupon class I attended warned about bulk traps. Americans automatically assume bigger is always better and think just because they’re buying several of one item (at say Sam’s Club or Costco) they’re saving money.

While buying in bulk can save you money, it’s important to look closer at your purchase. Will you use that many items before the expiration date? What is the cost per item (CPU)? If you have a coupon it’s often more cost effective to use that coupon on a small unit item than a larger bulk item because you’re saving a greater percentage off the overall cost..

I don’t have a membership to Sam’s Club nor have I ever visited a Costco so I don’t know which items offer better savings in bulk over my normal spending with coupons. I buy Target Up and Up diapers in bulk (mostly because I don’t want to run back to the store in a week) and some spices that I often use (Garlic Pepper and Cinnamon). The spices do offer a significant savings over those little overpriced McCormick bottles found in the grocery store. I purchase the larger bottles at GFS located near the Best Buy entrance.

What do you buy in bulk and how much money does it save you?

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