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By Karen Burchill staff blogger
I am a mother of two young boys, working full-time and commuting 72 miles round-trip to work. Food and gas expenses continue to rise. Join me on my shopping makeover as I journey to save my budget one coupon at a time. Learn from my ups and downs and offer me insight into the world of couponing from the eyes of a time-crunched, bargain-loving mom.
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My grocery spending is in a tailspin

I need to re-focus.

Up until recently I tried, and tried hard, to keep my grocery budget per month to around $350. Then, around mid-September, my oldest son tested positive to several food intolerances…the main ones being wheat, cane sugar, corn syrup and soy. Food that is found in almost everything a child eats.

At first I went to the Whole Foods Co-op and read every label that I thought would fit. This process took more than an hour. I filled my bag with stuff I thought my 4 1/2 year old would enjoy and not feel like he’s missing his favorite foods. The price tag: $72 for one bag of goodies. Over the next few weeks I did the same thing at Giant Eagle, and back again at the Co-op. I felt like I would have enough things to keep him full for a few days but then would be back at the store buying more, and trying to figure out a larger variety of things he could eat. This was a big change to my usual shopping one day/week over one lunch break.

My total grocery spending for September: $625.31
For October: $618.70


Sure, it’s a lot of money but I know my son is healthier for it…and his excema just about completely gone. And over the past few weeks I’ve learned quite a few new things and places I can save for these healthier items.

I’ll share some savings with you, and hope you’ll share your own, as I continue on the journey to save my budget!

Happy savings!

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