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Rita: Pink eye forced a week off, but I can’t wait to get back

Ah, week two in Thin It to Win It… I still really can’t believe I’m part of all of this. I really must say, it’s more than a test of physical strength. Over the past weekend, I was so sore that I thought I might cry, and after a long, long walk, I almost thought I wouldn’t be able to make it on Monday. I had my doubts… Could I keep doing this? Do I really have what it takes? I chased any negative thoughts away, however, and, first thing Monday morning, I was there. What surprised me was that, as I began to work out, I really was beginning to feel better. The ache was going away, and I found myself so ready to keep on going.

Despite my reignited eagerness to get into the action, this week has been slightly precarious. Over the weekend, I must have come into contact with an ill individual, for on Tuesday, I awoke with a horrid case of pink eye. Such a condition is highly contagious, and because I don’t wish to get everyone sick, I’ve been home all week. Both of my eyes have been effected, however, I am getting better. I’ve been doing some rigorous exercising at home, yet I can’t wait for Monday to roll around so I can get in and start up my workouts at the gym once more.

Everyone at the gym has continued to be so amazing… Even when I nearly broke down last week, they encouraged me, and reassured me that I would be alright, and that I shouldn’t feel down about needing to stop when I needed to or being sick. Everyone goes through it. I’ve begun to find my pace, where my strengths and weaknesses are, what areas of my body I need to work on… My diet, although there have been a few slip ups, is excellent and I’ve been doing better than I thought I might. Everything about this program is amazing… I can’t wait to get back in next week and kick some butt!

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2 Responses to Rita: Pink eye forced a week off, but I can’t wait to get back

  1. Linda says:

    I’m glad you’re back at the gym. You’ll be amazed at what you can do. Stick with it and let the staff at F2F be your guides. Hope to see you at the gym.

  2. Cherie Estok says:

    Even though you had a slow down with your pink eye this week, next week I’m sure you’ll come back stronger and kick some butt. We’re very proud of you.

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