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Follow our contestants on this 12-week, life changing challenge. Beginning July 13, seven contestants will meet with Flab to Fab's certified personal trainers for one hour, three times per week, receive a customized fitness program, and have unlimited access to utilize Flab to Fab's fitness facility, for a period of 12 weeks. The contestant who loses the most weight during the 12-week contest will win a fabulous grand prize package valued at $1,240.   Read more about this blog.
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Rita: The pain is becoming easier to deal with

Time needs to seriously slow down! I feel like this 12 weeks just keeps slipping further and further away… I don’t have any idea of what I’ll do when it’s all over. I have so much fun whenever I’m in the gym… Even when we’re ‘keeping up the intensity’ in Todd’s class. The pain is becoming easier to deal with, and it’s routine to switch up my pace in classes. Yes, I have struggled with health issues over the past few weeks, yet, while working out, I don’t even think about those things. The gym has become one of those rare places where I can just relax my mind and get into the rythm of whatever we’re doing. I have few worries there, and that’s rare for me.

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2 Responses to Rita: The pain is becoming easier to deal with

  1. Linda says:

    Well, Rita – it doesn’t really have to end, does it? After the contest is over, just stay on as a member at F2F and keep reaping the benefits of your hard work. I realized a short while after I started eating better and coming to F2F that this is what you have to do to stay fit. It doesn’t end. You have an interval in your life that will come to an end when the competition is over, but the good you’re doing now will continue if you want it to. Just stay in there and commit to the long haul.

  2. mom says:

    Well Rita, you heard Lisa…put the remote down and the mouse out your hand. Hints for stress release other than the gym…
    1. Cut the grass
    2. Take the dogs for a daily walk
    3. Clean up “their” messes in the yard
    4. Go down to the basement and do laundry
    5. Clean the kitchen ENTIRELY
    6. Sweep the carpets
    These are just a few that I find “relaxing” and help me to concentrate on ACCOMPLISHING GOALS instead of idling on one endeavor and leaving the mind to self pity. OK…I don’t take the dogs for a walk…I do enough of that working 4 jobs every night. But I do take them out SEVERAL times each day to play.

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