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Kelly: I am slipping back into bad habits and that is unacceptable


I am a very high strung person and I do not like when things don’t go as planned.  I am easily stressed and when stressed I just stop…I “shut down”.  This week was supposed to be my big come back week, and needless to say that did not go as planned.  Friday of last week was the first day I had scheduled to go back to the gym however when I woke up Friday morning my chest was so congested I could barely breath.  That lasted for about 5 days roughly and even though I truly was sick I feel like it is one excuse after another.  I have been so stressed and so annoyed with life right now.  I feel like I’m just barely going through the motions of life and nothing is going as planned it is just going and it is going fast but it seems to have forgotten me!  I still work out every day at home and eat the best I can with my busy schedule.  But I feel like all I do right now is work.  Nanny all day and work all night, even sleep seems to rarely come lately.  I have some things going on in my personal life as well right now that have me confused and feeling lost.  I need to find time…I am quickly slipping back into bad habits and that is just unacceptable.  I still want this more than anything, I know my actions may not reflect that strong desire to be a healthy person but that desire burns deep inside me.  I need to find my way back to the right track and stop letting life derail me after every curve.  The stress from work and not going to the gym mixed with not seeing my son very much right now is slowly slipping me back into the state of depression that I was in when I started this competition.  I feel like i didn’t deserve this wonderful opportunity because I have been so easily distracted.  I need to find that spark again, that spark that made me want to try.  That spark inside me that helped me see I was worth it.  I know deep down in my heart I can still do this, however I am sorry that I have not been believing in myself enough to push as much as I should have in the last couple weeks.   I just need to find Kelly again and stick with whats best for myself and stop stressing over life, because life is to be lived not just endured, and lately I”m barely even doing that.

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2 Responses to Kelly: I am slipping back into bad habits and that is unacceptable

  1. Linda says:

    Kelly – you owe it to yourself to get your priorities back in line. You are worth the effort. Time is going to pass regardless of how you choose to participate, so you might as well be doing what’s best for your health. It takes no extra time to eat well – just a little extra thought and planning. Hope to see you at the gym soon.

  2. Tica says:

    Kelly, your struggle really inspired me to take this seriously and get it together for myself and my family. Do what you need to do to get back to the gym. You owe it to yourself and your son. You may not think you are worth it right now but I know you know that he is. If I could will you to F2F, you know I would. Im telling you, there is a reason you were selected. Acknowledge that and take advantage of this Blessing. Change the course. Im rooting for you and your family.

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