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Follow our contestants on this 12-week, life changing challenge. Beginning July 13, seven contestants will meet with Flab to Fab's certified personal trainers for one hour, three times per week, receive a customized fitness program, and have unlimited access to utilize Flab to Fab's fitness facility, for a period of 12 weeks. The contestant who loses the most weight during the 12-week contest will win a fabulous grand prize package valued at $1,240.   Read more about this blog.
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Posted: August 12th, 2011

Where to start?  There is so much to be said.  Everyday the girls are putting forth an effort and accomplishing things they never thought possible.  Their lifestyles are changing outside of the gym and that is part of what will keep them going after our 12 weeks together.  We all wish this could go on forever, we are having so much fun, sometimes maybe tooooo much, but laughter is good for the soul!!!!

The trainers and I talk about the contestants objectively, verbalizing what we think of individual gains, who has better mobility, improved endurance…. and even who looks for excuses…..  The girls as well as anyone else who knows me, knows that I am a straight shooter.  Don’t get me wrong all the girls are working VERY hard, some are just not as eager to push it to the next level.

Our girls always have a smile on the faces when they walk in the door, then it is time to get down to business, sometimes two and three times a day.  They have done training sessions and two classes in the same day before (their choice).  The high fives continue, and the jobs well done.  They really support and encourage each other.  They know it’s a competition, but they truly care about each other’s successes.  They are a great bunch of women and I am truly glad to have met them and to have the opportunity to help make a difference in their lives.


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Posted: August 11th, 2011

Since we’ve completed four weeks of this competition, I kinda thought maybe we were past the point of being sore. I was wrong!  We are taking classes and doing exercises that still leave me aching for the next few days.  It’s a good ache though, and I still think the pain is worth it.

My life style has had a big change in the past four weeks. Everything from the way I eat, to the activities I do has changed.  I eat salads everyday.  I eat fruits and vegetables everyday.  I workout everyday.  I drink plenty of water every day.  When my husband and I talk about spending time together, we talk about kayaking and a picnic instead of going out to dinner and a movie (I’m pretty excited that we might go kayaking next week!).  We’ll take a walk, or a bike ride.  All of these little steps have added up and helped me make the progress I have made, and I’m proud of it!  I’m very grateful for the support that I have from everyone, especially my husband!

Posted: August 11th, 2011

I’m allergic to food.  Every time I eat it breaks out into fat.  ~Jennifer Greene Duncan

That would make things so much easier.  “Oh your allergic to food… here is a prescription take twice a day and the fat will be gone in 3 to 4 weeks!”  If only, right?  No losing weight is not something some pill can solve.  It doesn’t matter how hard you wish or even pray the weight will never magically vanish.  Believe me if it was that easy I would have done it years ago.

I think  a lot of people do not realize how hard it really is, not only to lose the weight but to deal with some of the negative comments and looks from some very “ugly on the inside” people.  I was at the mall to buy some school clothes for my son today when 2 people brushed against my arm while passing me in the aisle.   They glanced back at me in disgust and jabbed at me with some very hurtful words, “Fat people are nasty.”  If that was all that was said I wouldn’t even be giving it a second thought, but no they had to go a step farther.  They then directed a comment at my son, “Watch out or your whale of a mom will eat you too.”  I want to teach my son that people like that are not worth getting upset over so I just kept walking.  However I can’t begin to understand how people can be so numb to other people’s feelings.  I don’t hate people like this, I just feel bad that their heart is so cold and empty.

This week was also measure week and good news I have continued to lose inches!  It still hurts like crazy when I work out but I figure I have a long road ahead of me before it hurts less.  I’m ok with that though because I know hurting now means less pain in the future, more stamina, and a longer more enjoyable life.

In the end I’m addicted to feeling healthy, and allergic to the “ugly on the inside” people!

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Posted: August 11th, 2011

I think this week has made me realize that I have seriously been underestimating myself for the past….well forever. I am working out 6 days a week and sometimes a couple times a day!! It’s becoming second nature to me. I can’t help but remember all the times I would start trying to work out and last maybe a week at the most. Something would always get in my way like staying up too late and not wanting to wake up to go the next morning. Missing one day would derail my motivation. Support from my family, friends, and the wonderful people at Flab 2 Fab has really made all the difference in the world. I can honestly say that I can already feel the lifestyle change coming!

I want this so much it hurts! Every day I think, “Get up Casie, you have to make the most of your day!” I want to know that when this competition is over with, win or lose, to know that I put 110% into it. I refuse to have any regrets. I just know that I have to keep on pushing! If one of the girls does better than me in weight loss or inches lost, I can’t help but be happy. As much as I want to win, and believe me I’m trying, I am so proud of the other girls! We laugh so hard sometimes I’d swear everyone else thinks we’re crazy. It’s the laughter and the smiles that get us through the challenges we are facing together.


Posted: August 11th, 2011

I can’t believe how time has flown by… This whole program has been so spectacular, so fun… Just a few weeks ago, I viewed exercise as a painful, dreadful activity that I just despised. Now, I’m up every day, early in the morning, full of energy, ready to head to the gym. I’m always excited to get in and start working, no matter how much of the burn I end up feeling, no matter how much I sweat… I push myself as hard as I can, and I always enjoy it. Hey, with the support from my family and the amazing girls at the gym, how could I not do well?

The big thing is, I’m finally beginning to see results. Whenever I tried to lose weight before, I would only feel terrible, never better. Now, I feel stronger, and I can see a change in my appearance. I’ve dropped a pant size, even! My severe anxiety is also slowly beginning to fall under my control; I’m not nervous to head into the gym, I’m beginning to talk to more and more people for once… I’m not even afraid to break it down in Zumba! Ah, I do love my Zumba. That class brings forth the epitome of my exercise-induced happiness. I actually go through each of the songs with a huge grin on my face. Ah, how I love it all.

Posted: August 11th, 2011

I am having a hard time writing this week. I think it’s because the part of my brain that was once gung-ho about this whole contest has since decided to stay in bed and draw the shades. I’m just frustrated. I’ve been working my butt (and arms…and legs…) off but I just can’t seem to pull those big numbers like the other girls. I’ve also been following my diet – so much so that I sometimes decline invitations from family and friends to go to their houses for dinner. So what am I doing wrong? Lisa told me that I’m a big ball of muscle. I guess that means it’s harder for me to lose. I mean, I’m losing – just not in large quantities. It certainly doesn’t make hearing the other girls talk about their inches lost or their pounds lost any easier. And it doesn’t help when the girls tell me that I’m already small (compared to them). I understand but it hurts. I’m trying so hard, just like them, why can’t I be rewarded like them? It makes me feel very alone.  We’re all working towards the same thing. I just feel like the other girls think I’m so much closer. I’m not. I still have a long way to go. And with the results I’ve been getting, it’s going to take me just as long if not longer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of each and every one of those girls. And I love being around them – they’re all really amazing people. I guess I just need to recognize that this is a one-on-one game – it’s me against myself. And right now I’m not sure if I’m winning or losing.

Posted: August 11th, 2011

This week has been another great week. I am becoming addicted to Zumba and Hip Hop class even though I seriously need to work on my dancing skills. I also have been doing a mix of cardio and strength training. Before this competition, I never heard of kettlebells. Now we use them pretty often during our workouts and they can be rough! After a couple sets, the kettlebells really do me in. The kettlebells are obviously a huge fat burner though and I am thankful for the trainers great expertise in what they do. Throughout this competition, I am losing and gaining so many things. The first thing is obvious and that is losing weight and inches. But I am also losing self doubt in myself and losing my negativity. I am also losing the feeling that I am unworthy of being happy. Every day I step into the gym, I am losing the layers that I have been hiding behind for so long. Now for the things I am gaining. I am gaining self esteem, which is something I have struggled with most of my life. I am hearing “I can” a lot more in my head. I’ve been pushing my body during workouts and even though it hurts at times, I know I can do it. One thing I didn’t expect to gain was a new set of friends. The girls are all so supportive and I seriously adore each and every one of them. Throughout all of this, I am gaining so much happiness and what more can anyone ask for? :)