So … many … tomatoes

   September 2, 2010 4:01 pm    2


Last night I had to can tomatoes. I had no choice. I had ripe tomatoes code blue on the counter. I refuse to let them go bad.

It’s hard to do anything like that when my son is around, so I decided to put it off until he went to bed. That left me falling asleep on the couch while the jars were processing until about 1 a.m. when the stove timer went off. I am a sick, sick woman.

All that for five pints of tomatoes. I peeled and chopped way more than that, but I can only do five jars at a time in my kettle. I wasn’t about to put in another batch at 1 in the morning, so I reluctantly put the rest of the toms in the refrigerator. I hope they’ll still be good. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving them on the counter for 24 hours, even hermetically sealed in 800 layers of plastic wrap.

But I thought about it.

Dinner, by the way, was leftover pasta and spaghetti sauce. My column and the sauce recipe will run next week, Sept. 8. The sauce is thick and heavy with herbs. Maybe too much herbs. Personal preference, I guess.



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  1. How do you ever manage “leftover pasta”? Mine always gums together or gets grainy or other wise inedible.

    • Jennie Geisler Jennie Geisler says:

      The best way I’ve found to keep it from gumming together is by spraying it and tossing it with Pam right after it’s drained. That way, if my boys take a few minutes to get to the dinner table, it’s not all stuck together. You can spray it again before putting it in the fridge if you think you’ll need it. If we’re out of sauce for the leftovers, I like to take a bowlful of pasta and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle it with grated Parmesan. Heat it for a minute or two and stab away.

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