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Posted: September 27th, 2013
Casey: #AJO

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey has joined the effort to raise awareness for epilepsy.

Casey, D-Pa., is pictured here holding a cup with the hashtag, AJO, which stands for Alyssa Josephine O’Neill. 

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey/Contributed photo

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey/Contributed photo


She was the Penn State Behrend nursing student from Millcreek who died Sept. 4 after suffering a grand mal seizure in the shower.

The day before she died, O’Neill sent her mother a text asking her parents to take her to Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte. They never got a chance to take her.

As a way to deal with their grief, the O’Neills drove to Starbucks outside the Millcreek Mall and paid for the next 10 pumpkin spice lattes that people ordered and gave the barista a couple of purple markers to mark #AJO on the cups, according to a story written by Erie Times-News reporter David Bruce.

Read Bruce’s full story here.

Purple is the color for epilepsy awareness.

That pay-it-forward campaign has spread not only to Starbucks but to other stores that sell pumpkin-flavored drinks.At the height of the campaign, which has now gone worldwide, I heard an employee at the mall Starbucks say that because of the donations, no one had paid for a pumpkin spice latte for two days.

– John Guerriero



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