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Posted: January 13th, 2014
Millcreek Supervisor Richard Figaski/ETN file photo

Millcreek Supervisor Richard Figaski/ETN file photo

Millcreek Township supervisors generally meet four times per month.

But that could change starting in 2015.

Millcreek Supervisor Richard Figaski voted with his colleagues to approve the 2014 schedule of supervisors’ meetings, with a caveat.

“I would still like to see the board go to a two-meeting-a-month schedule,” he said at the supervisors’ annual reorganization meeting.

Figaski said he doesn’t think the supervisors have the volume of votes to justify four meetings per month, but said he would see how the year plays out. Figaski would need a second vote from either Supervisor John Groh or Brian McGrath to make the change.

Supervisors meet once a week, with some exceptions for holidays, election days and township business that takes them out of town.

– John Guerriero

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Posted: January 8th, 2014

It wasn’t big news, on the surface, but two votes at the Millcreek supervisors’ first meeting of 2014 signaled a potential shift in power.

Supervisor Richard Figaski moved in separate votes to replace two longtime authority members, Millcreek Sewer Authority member John DiPlacido and Millcreek Water Authority member Thomas Putnam. They were replaced with Dan Bensur and George Hazuda, respectively.

New Supervisor John Groh, who defeated three-term incumbent Joseph Kujawa in the Nov. 5 election and who was sworn into office Monday morning, joined Figaski in approving the new appointees. Supervisor Brian McGrath,  in that capacity since January 1994, cast the lone “no” vote, saying he just found out about the changes shortly before the meeting.

McGrath said he would have wanted to inform DiPlacido and Putnam that their tenures would be ending.

Figaski talked about the need to inject “new blood” into the two authorities.

Groh said that he and his colleagues might have different ideas about various issues, but he said that doesn’t mean they can’t work together.

Still, this could be an interesting year for Millcreek Township government.

– John Guerriero


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Posted: May 29th, 2013

The Millcreek Township supervisors’ meeting was delayed about 20 minutes Tuesday night for a good reason.

The delay came about because Supervisor Richard Figaski wanted to see his wife, Debbie, a guidance counselor, get an “educator of the month” award during the Millcreek School Board meeting at the nearby Millcreek Education Center.

Figaski’s attendance at the supervisors’ meeting was needed for a quorum because Supervisor Brian McGrath was on vacation.

John Groh/file photo

John Groh/file photo

So while Supervisor Joseph Kujawa, Solicitor Evan Adair and Treasurer Gerald Wolf waited for Figaski at the dais - along with those in the audience – John Groh suggested to a reporter that he could fill the vacancy.

Groh was joking, of course, but he’d like to join the supervisors after the Nov. 5 election. Groh, a Democrat, will face Kujawa, a Republican, in that Millcreek supervisor’s election.

– John Guerriero

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Posted: May 15th, 2013

Kathy Dahlkemper, the Democratic candidate for Erie County executive, has received five endorsements from current or former officeholders.

Kathy Dahlkemper/file photo

Kathy Dahlkemper/file photo

Millcreek Supervisor Brian McGrath, Erie County Council members Phil Fatica and Fiore Leone, former County Councilwoman Joy Greco and Jim McCall, a former Millcreek Democratic Party chairman, are all endorsing Dahlkemper.

She is running against incumbent Barry Grossman for the Democratic nomination in Tuesday’s primary.

In an endorsement that the five signed, they addressed Millcreek Democrats in a letter. “Please join us in supporting Kathy Dahlkemper for county executive. Erie County is at a pivotal point in time. Kathy has the ideas and skills to lead Erie County in the challenging days ahead,” they wrote.

They said that a vote for Dahlkemper is a vote for the county’s future.

The Democratic winner will face the winner of the GOP primary - Don Tucci, Thomas Wesley McGahen or Tom Loftus.

They will square off in the Nov. 5 election.

– John Guerriero



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