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Posted: May 22nd, 2013

It’s become a common theme in Erie County: Low voter turnout in a municipal primary once again.

And Tuesday, the apathy extended to both Republicans and Democrats.

The overall turnout was 26.4 percent.

Broken down, that’s 25.8 percent among Republicans and 26.8 percent among Democrats.

And those low numbers came on a warm, sunny day when voters couldn’t invent excuses to skip the polls.

– John Guerriero

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Posted: November 8th, 2012

In the presidential race, Erie County stood out in Tuesday’s election.

Robert Speel, associate political-science professor at Penn State Behrend, said that President Barack Obama won 58 percent of the vote in Erie County, which is the highest percentage win for him in the western half of Pennsylvania. 

President Barack Obama/AP file photo

Obama only won two counties in this part of the state, with the other being the 57 percent he won in Allegheny County.

It didn’t much matter because the president did so well in southeastern Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia County, for instance, Obama won 557,024 votes, or 85.2 percent, compared to Mitt Romney’s 91,840 votes, or 14.1 percent.

Looking for a county that was evenly divided?

Try Centre County, the home of Penn State, where the vote was split at 49 percent for both presidential candidates. Romney won that county by only 20 votes.

Don’t ever say your vote doesn’t count.

– John Guerriero



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