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Posted: June 12th, 2014
Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

For state Sen. Sean Wiley, it was noteworthy when the Pennsylvania Senate Aging and Youth Committee met Tuesday to consider two House bills and a Senate resolution.

The meeting marked the first for Wiley, of Millcreek Township, D-49th Dist., as the committee’s Democratic chairman.

“I am both honored and privileged to have this opportunity to work with Chairman (Randy) Vulakovich, my colleagues and various departments on issues relating to what I believe are two of the most vulnerable groups within our commonwealth, and those are our children and our senior citizens,”  Wiley said in a statement.

Vulakovich, of Shaler Township, R-40th Dist., represents parts of Allegheny and Butler counties.

At Tuesday’s meeting, committee members considered House Bill 2204, House Bill 1702 and Senate Resolution 62.

House Bill 2204 calls for homeless infants and toddlers to qualify for early intervention services in Pennsylvania.  It was amended to appropriate $640,000 to the Department of Public Welfare to offset the costs of providing these early intervention and tracking services to homeless infants and toddlers, according to Wiley’s office.

The amendment was unanimously adopted and the bill was reported out to the full Senate for consideration.

House Bill 1702 authorizes a new affordable tool to help aging Pennsylvanians live safely at home through the Community Respite Services Program Act. It was amended to clarify the role of area agencies on aging.

Senate Resolution 62 directs the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study new approaches to family work support programs.

Both measures were reported out to the full Senate for consideration as well.

Wiley also serves as Democratic chairman on the Intergovernmental Operations Committee. And he serves on these other Senate committees: Community, Economic and Recreational Development; Labor and Industry; Public Health and Welfare; and Communications and Technology.

– John  Guerriero


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Posted: April 11th, 2014

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

State Sen. Sean Wiley has been named the Democratic chairman of the Pennsylvania Senate Aging and Youth Committee.

Wiley, of Millcreek, D-49th Dist., was appointed by Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, of Jefferson, R-25th Dist., to serve as the Democratic chairman for the rest of the 2013-2014 legislative session.

“I am extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity to serve as the Democratic chairman of the Aging and Youth Committee. This appointment will allow me to work on key pieces of legislation for two very critical components of our communities – the elderly and the children,” Wiley said in a statement.

“These are two demographics that are sometimes the most vulnerable within our neighborhoods. I look forward to doing what I can to move good legislation that will help improve their lives,” he said.

Wiley will continue to serve on several other committees including Community, Economic and Recreational Development, Labor and Industry, Communications and Technology, Public Health and Welfare. He also serves as the Democratic chairman of Intergovernmental Operations.

– John Guerriero

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Posted: March 18th, 2014
Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

State Sen. Sean Wiley, of Millcreek, D-49th Dist., has been appointed to the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Association, or PHEAA.

The Senate confirmed his appointment.

PHEAA  has evolved into one of the nation’s leading student aid organizations. The agency is a national provider of student financial aid services, serving millions of students and thousands of schools through its loan guaranty, loan servicing, financial aid processing, outreach, and other student aid programs, according to Wiley’s office.

“I am very honored by this appointment. Affordable higher education is critical to the future success of the students in this commonwealth and beyond. The financial support that is offered by PHEAA allows an avenue for students and families to pursue higher education that might otherwise be unattainable,” Wiley said in a statement.

– John Guerriero

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Posted: November 20th, 2013

State Treasurer Rob McCord, who’s running for governor,  today announced a list of supporters.

Rob McCord/ETN file photo

Rob McCord/ETN file photo

They are nine county commissioners and five chairpersons of county parties, though none in the Erie region.

However, the endorsement list calls to mind a previous press release that the McCord campaign sent out about one month ago.

That press statement touted support from 23 senators and House members, including three from Erie County: state Sen. Sean Wiley, of Millcreek, D-49th Dist., Rep. Flo Fabrizio, of Erie, D-2nd Dist., and Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, of Millcreek, D-3rd Dist.

McCord is one of eight candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for governor in 2014. The winner will face Republican Gov. Tom Corbett.

It will be interesting to see how other lawmakers and officials line up with the candidates in the months ahead.

– John Guerriero



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Posted: September 18th, 2013

State Sen. Sean Wiley and his staff are doing advance work in preparation for the senator’s planned veterans expo on April 24.

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. that day at Gannon University’s Hammermill Center.

Wiley’s chief of staff,  Anthony Angelone, and his spokeswoman, Kim Thomas Plyler, talked about the early work that’s been done to date during a visit today to the Erie Times-News and

The expo will serve not only as a jobs fair for veterans, but a one-stop shop where they will be able to access other services include government programs, educational opportunities, mental health services and more, they said.

Already, they said more than 100 vendors are expected at the event.

Wiley, of Millcreek, D-49th Dist.,  is hoping that the expo attracts 400 to 500 people, they said.

There will be more news on the expo as the date draws near.

– John Guerriero


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Posted: September 4th, 2013

State Sen. Sean Wiley has weighed in on the pending job losses at GE Transportation in Erie.

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

Wiley, of Millcreek, D-49th Dist., released the following statement after learning that GE Transportation has given union leaders the required advanced notice of planned layoffs:

“I am still truly disappointed that union members and GE management were unable to come to a mutually beneficial agreement that would prevent such a large loss of jobs in our community.

“There is no doubt that a layoff of this magnitude will have a negative economic impact. We must now move forward and do whatever we can to minimize that impact to the hundreds of families and the entire Erie region.

“There is a need for a strong, skilled workforce here in Erie County, and I am going to work with my colleagues to identify employment opportunities as well as federal and state resources available for those impacted by these layoffs.

“It is my hope that GE Transportation and its employees will continue to be a strong partner in this community.”

– John Guerriero

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Posted: June 14th, 2013

State Sen. Sean Wiley, of Millcreek, D-49th Dist., is weighing in on the state budget as the deadline nears for lawmakers to adopt the new fiscal-year spending plan.

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo


The budget must be approved by June 30 to meet that deadline.

Here’s what he has to say:

With only 17 days left to pass the 2013-2014 Pennsylvania budget, the debate is now well underway in Harrisburg. On Wednesday, the House approved its budget plan

(HB 1437) along party lines. Now, it comes over to the Senate for debate.


 I stood with my colleagues earlier this month as we unveiled the Senate Democratic budget proposal. It is a reasonable and responsible alternative to the Governor’s proposal and the budget bill that came out of the House.

 Our proposal focuses on much needed additional funding for public education, as well as opportunities for job creation.

 Governor Corbett’s proposal provides approximately $6.5 billion for our public schools. The Senate Democratic proposal takes that a step further and adds more than $200 million to that total. In addition to that, our proposal includes $39 million in new funding for distressed school districts. If this funding makes it into the final approved budget, the Erie School District alone would benefit from the line item to the tune of $2.35 million dollars in addition to their operating budget.

 We must fund education responsibly. We cannot let politics get in the way of a quality education for our children. Education has been cut drastically in the past several years, and now it’s time to make up for those cuts. Here in the 49th District, we’re seeing program cuts, teacher layoffs and other consequences of failing to properly fund public education.

 As part of the budget debate, we have focused on putting together a comprehensive transportation plan that is not only imperative for public safety reasons, but will also improve our transportation infrastructure and create tens of thousands of family sustaining jobs.

The $2.5 billion transportation plan (SB1) would help repair our crumbling roads and bridges. It dedicates funding for PennDOT projects right here in Erie County. It would also dedicate a new funding stream for mass transit. But, one of the most important aspects of SB 1 for Erie County is the new $130 million set aside for a multi-modal fund. This particular line item would provide $8 million for ports in the Commonwealth. It also doubles the operating budget for our Port Authority. The Port of Erie is a major economic driver of this community and one of only two deep water ports in all of Pennsylvania, which is why we must continue to invest in it.

 SB 1 passed through the Senate last week with bipartisan support. Now, it’s up to members of the House to see the numerous positive impacts this transportation plan will have on this Commonwealth and approve it as well.

 Finally, it appears as though the discussion surrounding liquor privatization will also be a hot topic as we near the budget deadline.

 HB 790 passed through the house earlier this year, and will now be debated in the Senate. It is still unclear as to whether or not there is support for this particular liquor privatization bill in the Senate.

 I have said all along that I am not in favor of the privatization plan. I believe the dollars that are provided by the state stores are a sustainable source of revenue that we can’t afford to lose. I also believe privatizing the industry would result in significant job loss throughout the Commonwealth, not to mention jeopardize small businesses.

 That being said, I do believe we can and should work to modernize the liquor industry here in the Commonwealth. I am one of many bipartisan co-sponsors on SB 800 which includes a beer reform package, permits direct shipment of wine, and focuses on customer convenience.

 It is expected that Senator Chuck McIlhinney (R – Bucks) will introduce his version of a liquor plan early next week to be debated and put up for a vote.

These next 17 days are crucial to the future of Pennsylvania. It’s going to take a lot of hard work, long hours, debate and compromise, but I am hopeful we will come out of this with a spending plan that moves Pennsylvania forward.

 Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to a 2013-2014 Pennsylvania budget.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office at (814) 453-2515.

– John Guerriero

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Posted: May 28th, 2013

State Sen. Sean Wiley, of Millcreek, will talk about current issues facing the Erie region on Thursday.

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

Wiley, D-49th  Dist., will speak during the Manufacturer & Business Association’s legislative luncheon starting at noon. The event will be at the association’s conference center, 2171 W. 38th St.

Besides unemployment and the economy, Wiley will talk about such legislative topics as payment for area in-home health care attendants, Medicaid expansion and privatizing of liquor sales.

Registration begins at 11:45 a.m.

The cost is $30 for members and $60 for nonmembers.

– John Guerriero

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Posted: March 8th, 2013

The proposed expansion of Medicaid in Pennsylvania is getting another hearing — this time in Pittsburgh.

And state Sen. Sean Wiley, of Millcreek, D-49th Dist., is joining the Senate Democratic Appropriations Committee for the public hearing — though he isn’t a member of the panel.

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

Sean Wiley/ETN file photo

The hearing is scheduled to last until noon at the Wyndham University Center in Pittsburgh.

It will be streaming live at

Among those scheduled to testify is Shona Eakin, executive director of Voices for Independence. The Erie nonprofit advocates for the disabled.

Gov. Tom Corbett is awaiting more answers from the federal government before he decides whether to accept the expansion of Medicaid in Pennsylvania. The expansion is a component of the Affordable Care Act.

The House Democratic Policy Committee held a hearing Thursday in Erie on the same subject.

– John Guerriero

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Posted: February 19th, 2013

The Erie County legislative delegation has vowed to meet monthly to discuss issues in their respective districts and to take turns hosting the sessions.

On Monday,  state Rep. Greg Lucas, of Edinboro, R-5th Dist., had the honors as the group met at Crossroads Dinor in Edinboro.

State Rep. Greg Lucas, of Edinboro, R-5th Dist.

State Rep. Greg Lucas, of Edinboro, R-5th Dist.

The word of the meeting comes from state Rep. Patrick Harkins, of Erie, D-1st Dist.

The informal meetings also serve as a chance to get to know one another’s districts better. And it’s a bipartisan approach to taking on the issues in Harrisburg. The delegation has vowed to work together, Harkins said.

State Sen. Sean Wiley, of Millcreek, D-49th Dist., hosted the previous session.

– John Guerriero


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