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Vote! Election Day 2011

What’s special about Tuesday, November 8? It’s Election Day—will you be wearing the sticker, “I Voted Today” next week?

Historically, presidential elections turn out more voters than during non-presidential election years. What makes this year’s Crawford County elections important?

“Municipal elections people just don’t take it seriously enough,” said Director of Elections, Melanie Mushrush. “This is where people actually see their tax dollars being spent everyday.

Several contests, including two open seats for County Commissioner, will be held. Treasurer, School board positions, and many others, will also be held. Find full ballots and information about polling locations on the county website,

“This election is way more important than the presidential one. Who my township supervisors are impact me everyday,” said Mushrush. She also mentioned that for people in boroughs and cities, council members are the equivalent official.

“We’ve all pushed a button of a candidate we didn’t know or what they stood for,” said Reese.

The group not only stresses the importance of getting out to the polls to vote, but also individual responsibility to self educate about candidates.

“Don’t vote because the sign in the road is prettier than the other,” said Mitra Amini Reese, Executive Director of the non-partisan group I Matter I Vote.

I Matter I Vote lists all candidates listed on the ballot on their website,, and offers links to candidate websites under the “ballot” tab on the left-hand side of the screen. They also offer candidate biographies, if submitted by the running official.

Reese emphasizes that regardless of the race, it’s important to know the facts.

“All kinds of avenues for open for people to communicate with the candidates,” said Reese. “It’s important to communicate now, rather than complain later.”

I Matter I Vote offers to take questions from voters via Facebook or email, and then relay those questions to specific candidates.

“All races are important. You really need to educate yourself about a person. Don’t just ask your neighbor, their vales are different from yours,” said Reese.

Want to get informed? Visit a local candidate’s website to find out more information about why they’re running, their background, and what their platform and values are.

Also available and dedicated to helping voters is the county’s voter services page, I Matter I Vote encourages participation on their site and on their Facebook page.


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