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Photoholics Anonymous

Photoholics Anonymous. Its members are seriously addicted: they can meet anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection, and post several times a day. Now they’ve taken it to the next level—meeting face to face.

After “meeting” on Facebook since late spring, the Oil City-based group Photoholics Anonymous is now meeting offline. This photography club has begun hosting a six-week long masters class on lighting for those photoholics interested in learning more about their craft. Interested photographers can join the crew every Tuesday night at the Queen City Café and Gallery in Titusville.

On Facebook, the group posts exquisite, thoughtful, and fun photos, often around a theme, like a letter of the alphabet—often several times a day.

Oil City resident, Timothy Rudisille started the Facebook group in May, looking to talk photography—without bugging everyone else on his friends list. Starting from 10 of his local friends, this Facebook group has blossomed into an international community of 144.

“A good portion of the people are local but it has grown nationally because of everyone adding their friends. We even have a guy from France and two from Australia,” said Rudisille. “We’ve bonded into quite the family, a great group of people, and we’re all photoholics.”

“The group actually is more interesting with the diversity, we see things in pictures we might not ever get to see if not for this group,” said Robert Specht, a Photoholics regular who hails from California. Asked to join the group by Timothy, he’s grateful to have joined a supportive group.

Although not all of their international and domestically far-flung members can meet face-to-face, offline the group has started to utilize their community—and their talents—to learn from each other.

“There used to be an active camera club in Oil City, but there’s been a resurgence since digital photography became popular,” said Mike Henderson, a photography vet, who’s teaching the master class on lighting at the “Q.”

An intimate, yet passionate group of ten was at the first master class.

“I think we all learned a lot and had some great discussions! We definitely now have a regular weekly thing going,” said Henderson.

Want to get involved? Search “Photoholics Anonymous” on Facebook, and ask to join the group.

Interested in learning more about the master’s class? Call the Queen City Café at 814-775-0898. Find the “Q” at 106 North Kerr Street, in Titusville.

Want to share your photos with the community? Post your own photos in our community album on; just click on “Submit photos.”

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6 Responses to Photoholics Anonymous

  1. Karen Callihan says:

    Ginny great article.

  2. Robert Specht says:

    Great article, Greater group of people

  3. Timothy Rudisille says:

    My name is Tim and i AM a photoholic lol. Thanks for doing the article Ginny, looks good.

  4. Dan Bickel says:

    Very nice article. Wow Tim,we are famous now.

  5. We’ve actually been meeting in person since May, we’ve probably had 10 get togethers already.

  6. David Schmude says:

    Yes…. I admit it. My name is Dave – I’m 49 years old – and I AM a Photoholic. Thanks for the great article, Ginny !!

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