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Posted: May 11th, 2009
Slideshow: Vitus Kaiser

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13 Responses to “Slideshow: Vitus Kaiser”
  1. Becky Okel says:

    This was a beautiful “snapshot” of the incredible Mr. Kaiser. Thank you for providing this stirring look into this great artist’s soul. Jack Hanrahan, you are an Erie legend along with Mr. Kaiser. Simply wonderul.

  2. Gail Arneman says:

    Dear Mr Kaiser,

    You were heartwarming to see once more.
    I had moved from your area some time ago,
    but still watch for you in passing.

    With appreciation & love, Gail

  3. Jane Cowell says:

    I’m glad I stumbled on this because it’s just lovely!

  4. romeo ghamo says:

    dear Vitus Jerome Kaiser, how appropriate to see you amongst an orchard that’s in bloom. you are truly an artist both on and off the canvas(or watercolor paper) and it’s still a pleasure to watch you continue to bloom….

  5. pam white szukala says:

    as always what a delight, I have always loved the blossems in Erie, and so miss them now that I live in AZ..

  6. What a pleasure viewing Erie’s master artist Vitas Kaiser at work.
    We can thank you for the beautiful art pieces you created of the Erie area.
    God has truly blessed you with the special gift of painting.
    You are an inspiration. A good humble person. Giving back to so many in the community.
    We can reflect on your paintings, enjoy the vibrant colors, the mood, the time of day, and the setting.
    You take us there…to reflect and enjoy the moment. How wonderful to give that gift to us Vitas Kaiser.
    Thank you

  7. Susan Schuldt says:

    I was sent to Goerie to read an article. What an experience to find the painting teacher of just about my entire childhood. I painted with Mr. Kaiser from the age of about 11 when I was sent over to him at the Art Center from art classes at the Erie Museum. I spent most Saturday mornings in Mr. Kaisers classes until I left for college at 18. I did not recognize the opportunity of a lifetime that I had. To hear his voice and enthusiasm on that soundtrack is just wonderful. I swear I can smell his tobacco. Now I’m 53, and it sure is making me think twice.

  8. debbie daily says:

    What a lovely piece this was; slides, subject matter, music. Can we have more of this type of thing, please? Beautiful!
    Thank you Jack Hanrahan, and bless you Mr. Kaiser.

  9. Melinda Calao says:

    To be able to see through the eyes of a true artist, to see nature in all it’s beauty, is truly a gift. One I wish more people possessed, it opens the heart. I would like to see more of Eries’ talented artist reconized. We live in such a beautiful place, we need to stop racing around and enjoy our surroundings. Life is to short for a lot of us.


  10. Thasia Anne says:

    Mr. Kaiser was my teacher at Tech. I have seen him periodically. He inspired me then and now. It’s also great to see class mates like Artie Becker doing so well. And to see gail Arneman leaving him a note. I love it when I see a painting somewhere and say to myself that looks like a Kaiser and closer inspection shows me I’m right! You are such an inspiration to many.

  11. Watch movies says:

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  12. Renee Koehler Brown says:

    Dear Mr. Kaiser,
    Hearing and seeing you in this clip made me so happy. My fondest and happiest days at school were in your classroom at tech where I was given the gift of having you as a teacher for four years. You taught us so much more than the darkest dark and the lightest light. You taught us to really see and respect everything around us and each other by truly respecting us. Thank you Mr. Kaiser

  13. Karen Salzer Bryson says:

    Just the way I remember him…..what a treat it was to see and hear Mr. Kaiser again after 37 years. He really left quite an impression on us all. I still paint today and think of him.

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