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Posted: October 17th, 2011
Me and Sylvia Browne: 2012 predictions

Sitting backstage with Sylvia Browne before her Saturday night appearance.

You don’t find people as blunt at Sylvia Browne. The psychic medium met with fans and followers on Saturday night, seated in an overstuffed chair on the stage of the Warner Theatre, chatting as if we all knew each other for years and she had just popped in to share some laughs. And some predictions.

After yucking it up with the audience, which was made up of those who had been following the well-known psychic through her 17 years on the now-defunct Montel Williams show, or had read one of her 61 books, or logged onto her website, Sylvia Browne gave her predictions for 2012.

Here are some of her predictions:

1) President Obama will not get re-elected. While not a fan, she favored Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

2) Economy will pick up, the housing market will make a minor rebound.

3) East will become the west and west the east, meaning that the weather on both coasts will shift somewhat to mirror each other.

4) Texas will get hit with more droughts. Look for more natural disasters including a tsunami in Florida.

5) And good news, a milder winter is on the way for those of us in Erie, Pa.

Sylvia Browne claims that a shift in the earth’s axis is the cause for much of the devastating weather occurrences of the past few years. They do not mark the end of civilization or this planet, as interpreted by those who study the Mayan calendar. After summing up her predictions, she fielded questions from the audience. This was the psychic’s second appearance in Erie and I was asked to emcee. This responsibility came with the opportunity to to sit for a few minutes with her backstage and chat, just like I did last year. You can love her or you can hate, call her a saint or the devil, but she is basically like the rest of us, a human being–pained by other’s suffering, worried about the future (she says psychics can’t accurately predict for themselves) and working to pay the bills.

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3 comments on “Me and Sylvia Browne: 2012 predictions

  1. LOVE HER!!

  2. We all like to hear Sylvia’s predictions & spending time with her is amazing. I wonder if people know that her life has always revolved around God. Raised and educated in the Catholic faith, going on to teach in the parochial school system for 17 years. Her ability has been tested many times & each test turns into another testimonial of paranormal cognition. Her books and revelations strike a chord of truth within my soul.
    The end result of Sylvia’s devotion to God, and her gift of prophecy, is Novus Spiritus. It is Sylvia’s monument to God, a forum to express the joy and love that is God – with no fear, no guilt, no sin, no hell, and no Satan. Through Novus, she gives the world a means to understand God, Life, and the reason for Being. As she always says “Take what you like and leave the rest behind.” As you can tell, I LOVE her :)

  3. Rosemary on said:

    Name 1 Sylvia Browne prediction that came true? When you look at her record, you won’t be so impressed or so in love with her. She’s a phony and a fake and very dangerous with her predictions.

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