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Posted: February 15th, 2012
Be careful! Today’s the cheating-est day of the year

If you’re feeling disgruntled over your partner’s attempts at Valentine’s Day, you’re ripe for an affair today.

So say those that run so-called discreet dating websites for married and otherwise committed couples. Traffic increases the day after Valentine’s Day.

According to those who run these websites, the uptick on the day after Valentine’s Day also is seen the day after Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, too. But they also admit that the results are one-time only. Many married folks who check out these websites on those days never go beyond the initial signup.

Known as the extramarital dating industry, they also say it’s in its infancy–comparing it to where the traditional online dating industry was 10 years ago and predicting that it will continue to grow as its predecessor has. One in five people meet their significant others online.

While most of these extramarital websites have a larger male population–in some cases, four to one–the ratio shifts to 50-50 with a younger demographic, typically those in their 30′s.

In a cursory search to find out how many dating websites there are for the supposed monogamous population, I found 18 on the first page of the search. 18 websites dedicated solely to marrieds and committed couples looking to date. 18 out of hundreds. Take the poll.


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One comment on “Be careful! Today’s the cheating-est day of the year

  1. The Graduate on said:

    These spots are out to make a buck. Bias is built in.

    A worse event for marital affairs occurs every year too.
    Your high school graduation!

    Think about it a moment…..any friends you carried from high school are still with you, maybe decades. And, they are true friends you can count on.

    But a return to the ceremony lets you see jocks are STILL jocks, jerks are still JERKS, shy are shy, nerds are nerds, cheerleaders hang with their own still, yet, the one that got away is still WITHIN your reach at a reunion.

    And that is the person you will seek out and talk a conversation storm “catching up”.

    Few spouses really care to be there; they do not know these long ago members to your life. (True for THEIR reunion and you).

    But the dynamics of dealing with your heart thump from youth, as an adult, are a disaster to your marriage….even if you do nothing.
    The person enters your marriage in your mind.

    Be a GRADUATE. Stay away from reunions. Let it go, for good!
    No, make that “Let it go for BETTER, or For Worse”.
    If it was meant to be….it would have been.
    Cheating, adultery, one-night-stand, affairs, secrets in marriage….. this is a formula to hurt yourself, your spouse, your children, your extended family, your career, your wallet, your community…..for a personal tingle in exchange.

    Graduate in life, and never go back.

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