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Posted: February 28th, 2012
Judge pulls gun out in court to make a point

Let me quickly explain that this didn’t happen here.

It happened in Georgia, where a superior court judge in Lumpkin County, according to the Daily Mail, “told the female witness she was ‘killing her case’ and that she might as well shoot her lawyer. As he made the statement he pretended to offer her his handgun before the prosecutor told him the gesture was inappropriate.”

The judge continued to hold the gun while he admonished the witness to be more cooperative.

The woman had accused her husband of rape, aggravated assault and cruelty to children. The accusations included an incident in which the woman said her husband held a gun to her head, according to the Daily Report, a law journal. The hearing concerning a request to extend a temporary protective order for the wife, but the woman on the witness stand was frustrating the judge by not cooperating with her attorney.

According to Georgia state law, it’s legal for judges to carry concealed weapons. However, it is not legal for them to point the weapon at anyone when their lives aren’t being threatened, especially not in their courtrooms.

The incident is under investigation by the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission. reports that the judge was replaced on upcoming trials for the remainder of the legal calendar. You can read more about the incident by clicking here.

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