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Posted: February 19th, 2012
Mom furious when beer steins are handed out to preschoolers

A tiny plastic beer stein caused a whole mess of problems at a Cincinnati preschool, according to

It was part of a cultural lesson about Germany, of all things. And when the teacher handed out mini beer steins filled with apple juice, the four-year olds probably didn’t really understand what was going on anyway. But one little boy’s mom did.

And when she went to discuss the problem with her son’s teacher, the talk escalated into a shouting match and the mom was asked to leave. She then pulled the boy from the school the next week and enrolled him in another one.

The privately-held preschool’s president doesn’t understand the fuss. Cultural lessons in the classroom are apparently common in the school, and the teacher looked at the beer steins and the accordionist who entertained the children in lederhosen, as apt representations of German culture.

Some look at this a parental overreaction to the most ridiculous degree; others say that imitating alcohol consumption, no matter how innocently, shouldn’t be happening in schools, much less preschool.

I wonder how Germans feel about having their culture reduced to shorts and beer.

Read the entire story here.

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One comment on “Mom furious when beer steins are handed out to preschoolers

  1. Nichole on said:

    German’s LOVE having their culture reduced to shorts and beer. Especially when those images represent one state out of sixteen in the country, one most of the rest of the country wished was not so known. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. You do occasionally see Lederhosen, Dirndl (the bosomy folk dress) and the full hat with the feather sticking out of it in Bavaria. The only steins I saw, in all my time there, held silverware in restaurants or were on gift shop shelves.

    Sounds like this was a fun exercise to start to expose kids to other countries and cultures that one parent twisted way out of control. PROST! (drinking toast)

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