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Posted: April 30th, 2012
Legalized prostitution in Ontario

We drove through Fort Erie and Niagara Falls over the weekend, both located in Ontario, on our sightseeing tour for some recent house guests. My husband announced to our carload, “This will soon be  home to legalized prostitution.”

I must have missed that announcement.

According to CNN, “a panel of five judges wrote that the law banning common bawdy houses “is grossly disproportionate” if all it aims to do is keep public order in a neighborhood and maintain public health standards. ”The record is clear that the safest way to sell sex is for a prostitute to work indoors, in a location under her control,” the judges wrote in a much anticipated ruling.”

The top court ruled that Canadian prostitution laws unfairly discriminate against prostitutes and their ability to work in safe environments. Since the decision was handed down in late March, it’s created quite a buzz.

Some argue that legalizing it isn’t going to ensure that prostitutes and sex workers are necessarily protected and not exploited. Others are outraged that a country supposedly built on Christian morals would allow for the legalization of something inherently immoral.

The prime minister, however, isn’t thrilled with the decision, saying that “prostitution is bad for society and harmful to communities, women and vulnerable persons.” The government could appeal the decision.

What do you think?

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