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Posted: April 5th, 2012
Marine faces expulsion for criticizing Pres. Obama

The story has made national headlines, and the hearing for which Marine Sgt. Gary Stein faces expulsion from the Marine Corps is slated for today.

Stein has been critical of the president, who is also commander in chief, his politics and most notably, the NATO decision allowing US troops to be tried in the incident of Quran burnings in Afghanistan. In setting up a Facebook page entitled the Military Armed Forces Tea Party and using it as a forum to post that he would not follow orders from Obama, he has put himself in the limelight and is now facing charges, which would effectively discharge him from military duty and reduce his status.

Apparently, unbeknownst to me, the military has had a history of restricted freedom of speech, and that would include criticism of the commander in chief, among other criticisms.

But the ACLU argues that every American enjoys the same rights, and that includes unencumbered freedom of speech.

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4 comments on “Marine faces expulsion for criticizing Pres. Obama

  1. Cire on said:

    Marine Sgt. Gary Stein should be reduced in rank to E-2 (Private First Class) and have annotated on his various military separation documents the codes JFG(b) and BFS. This pending at minimum of an O.T.H.C.(Other Than Honorable Conditions) discharge.

  2. Jeff Stivenson on said:

    I’ve never been in the military, but it seems to me that you can’t have someone openly and publicly critical of the President fighting for this country. Not meaning to be corny, but when you’re fighting along side each other, in life and death situations (that I can only imagine) it needs to be all for one and one for all.
    It is really tacit racism from Stein. There is a lot of people in this country that can’t wrap their heads around having an African-American President.

  3. Amy Meola on said:

    What ever happened to freedom of speech? It’s not supposed to be free for only some people and not so free for other’s. Anyone should be able to voice an opinion that goes against the government without fearing punishment. That is one of the principles this government was founded on and is deemed “unalienable” not only when you agree with the president. Again, why is everyone so eager to jump on the race card bandwagon? Just because someone doesn’t agree with the president, and he happens to be black, doesn’t make someone a racist. How ridiculous.

  4. Nick Palun on said:

    Unaware of any document mandatory for military to sign abrogating their constitutional rights (freedom of speech.) Since Obama is violating separation of powers in demanding Court not rule on his specious dictum, perhaps Obama should be removed as Commander.Relevant is Obama’s violating his oath of office (“to protect and defend the laws and constitution “) when he (and lackey AG Holder) said they will not defend the Defense of Marriage Act of 1995, to placate 5% of the ‘sexually disfunctional population.’

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