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Posted: April 25th, 2012
Planking and skywalking: Weird fads

Never heard of it but definitely done it.

Planking sounds like what it is–imitating a plank of wood, sort of. It involves lying face down, hands touching your sides and having someone take a photo of you, which you then post on social media.

It’s a game. I often planked when I’d lie in the sun back when I was a youth around the time of flood. Apparently, it’s been around for awhile, which doesn’t surprise me since I am often the last one to learn about trendy new games.

The places you plank make the game more intriguing. Some people suspend their bodies in some pretty strange places.

Now planking is being topped by another game for teens–this one is bit more dangerous. It’s called skywalking, and teens in Russia are hoping it becomes a fad.

Skywalking is climbing to a very high place and then perching oneself in a precarious position so that the dizzying backdrop down below gives the viewer vertigo. Take a picture, post it to your social media site, and voila! You’re a skywalker.

I would file this under “Don’t try this at home.”

Check out photos of an expert skywalker courtesy of Caters News Agency on the UK Mail website.

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