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Posted: May 17th, 2012
College demands faculty sign anti-gay pledge

You may have never heard of Shorter University, but I guarantee, you will. The small university with a student population of 1500 in Georgia has been trying to stem the tide of exiting faculty, outraged over the institution’s new contract.

This Baptist university is requiring faculty to sign a lifestyle pledge that condemns homosexuality, premarital sex, adultery, drug use and public drinking near the campus, not to mention a commitment to  join a local church.

Over 50 faculty have resigned so far, and an anonymous survey indicates only 12 percent plan to stay.

But the move underscores some of the injustices still on the books in the state of Georgia. For instance, it is not against the law to discriminate against gays in that state where the constitution also bans same sex marriage.

As for the administration of Shorter University, their stance is that the school commit itself to the “teachings of Jesus of Christ” in a very public way.

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2 comments on “College demands faculty sign anti-gay pledge

  1. Matt on said:

    Having read the bible, I don’t recall any teachings of Jesus on the subject of homosexuality. I do recall something about not being a (expletive deleted) to your fellow man. So sad that so many christians are so un-christian.

  2. A Christian on said:

    The bible is clear about homosexuality being an abomination. I strongly encourage you to read the bible again, here is a website for some more information and I do recommend the KJV bible.
    “” Just because Christians dont believe homosexuality is right, doesnt mean they are being a (expletive deleted) to a fellow man! It is so sad that people criticize Christians for sticking up for GODS WORD! It is the only truth that will set you free.

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