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Posted: May 13th, 2012
Crackdown on those who text and walk

Erie like many other cities in America has banned texting while driving, as well as talking on cell phones while operating a motor vehicle.

But will it follow suit of a New Jersey town where texting and walking has been banned?

In the town of Fort Lee, police say that those who text and walk–mostly teens– run the risk of, well, being run over. So they’re handing out what is tantamount to jaywalking tickets to those who violate the rules of road by wandering into it without paying attention.

This year alone, 20 people were hit by cars because of not paying attention and texting while walking down the road.

The P.D. started handing out flyers warning pedestrians of the $85 fine, and so far, about 117 tickets have been issued.

I am not a fan of more laws, but enforcement of existing laws that are on the books for good reason, is another story. I am sure we all have seen people texting while walking. Unless you can do it by not looking at the keyboard, then it’s pretty impossible to walk and text at the same time and do both effectively.

Sort of like chewing gum and walking. Not, wait a minute–wrong analogy.

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One comment on “Crackdown on those who text and walk

  1. Peter on said:

    It’s not working very well.
    Everyday, no exaggeration, everyday I see people driving erratically and sure enough they’re holding a phone to their ear.
    Just today about 2pm, a young woman in a red car ran a stop sign at Cherry & Gore barely avoiding a collison.
    I don’t think she noticed.
    She continued on Cherry to 38th still on the phone.
    Then we went our seperate ways.

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