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Posted: May 22nd, 2012
Facebook cited in one third of divorce filings in Britain

And if it’s that high across the pond, one only can wonder what it is here in the good ole U.S. of A.

Just to be clear, the statistic doesn’t come from a study or poll. It comes from a British law firm, Divorce-Online, which says that its seen a 50 percent jump in case filings mentioning social networking in general and Facebook, in specific, as one of the causes for the breakdown in the marriage. Specifically, it draws its statistic from the 5000 filings it has processed over the past two years.

It would make sense Facebook can be a real threat to marriages because it opens doors to options that have been previously closed. But the Internet in general has done that for years, via all kinds of venues, the most notorious of which is chatrooms.

It is more likely, according to one Wall Street Journal blogger, that rather than facilitating affairs and online relationships, Facebook has been a fertile source for lawyers to gather evidence. For instance, incriminating photos–and not necessarily just those supporting allegations of an affair–but of other things as well, are fairly common to be used in proceedings. Those who claim to be broke during a divorce, but post photos of themselves overspending on expensive trips are a common mistake.

While it might be a natural leap to want to blame Facebook and other social media on the breakdown of a marriage, I think it’s ridiculous. Spouses ultimately are the ones who end their marriages.


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One comment on “Facebook cited in one third of divorce filings in Britain

  1. ronnie on said:

    I think the final say is NOT up to the couples that end up leaving the marriage. Facebook and other sites like that do in fact cause problems in marriages especially if there are already problems there and curiosity and if the marriage becomes boring and just needs spiced up between the couple….instead of fixing what people have they always seem to wanna put the work elsewhere…cause they feel working on it is too much work where in fact it seems to be less work than lying to the other person and their spouse and trying to live a double life….facebook even affects students and their education……we are only human and most people will give in to temptation instead of walking away from it…so yes i believe facebook and other sites do cause major problems….i have had infidelity in my marriage because of facebook and it makes it harder to catch cause it all around the marriage is perfect or fool proof..but why have sights like this to make it worse or help the problems along?

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