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Posted: October 2nd, 2012
Good news: No bacon shortage Bad news: Prices still going up

Why is that? If you read today’s paper, you probably saw the rumor debunked. Bacon and pork products, it was purported by the pig association in the UK, will be in short demand next year thanks to the lousy seasonal weather, which have affected grain prices. Not so.

Which will let us all breathe out a sigh of relief, especially since bacon has, as of late, enjoyed an amazing resurgence in popularity, especially in novelty products like bacon ice cream, bacon candy, bacon cake, and Baconnaise.

But why are prices going up if supply isn’t going down, which is kind of the opposite of what we all learned in rudimentary economics? Well, we’re told, while there won’t be a shortage, the cost of raising these pigs is still higher than before, thanks to the drought that bumped up the price of producing grain and feed. That price is being passed along to the pig producers.

Not to sound like a skeptical person, but isn’t this what most industries claim when prices take a jump? Need I mention petroleum?

Either way, it’s not something any of us can control. And maybe, this price jump will help have a positive ripple effect; namely, do away with some things that just shouldn’t be made out of bacon. 

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