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Posted: November 8th, 2012
Was Diane Sawyer drunk?

Good to see I’m not alone. I kept turning to my husband while watching the election night returns on ABC and saying, “I think she’s a little drunk.” He pooh-poohed me and said, “No, she’s just exhausted from being on air so long.”

She might have been on air, but it sounded like she was on something else, too. Maybe vodka. And didn’t I feel validated when I read I wasn’t alone!

Twitter, in it’s take no prisoners fashion, erupted in mockery as the veteran, usually sober and always serious news anchor, slurred repeatedly. My favorite was ”President Barack Ora - Barack Obama.”

ABC spokesperson said that she was just exhausted (read: punch drunk) from covering Superstorm Sandy for several days and hadn’t quite recovered from the hours she had put in.

But I, like many others, noticed how she leaned onto the anchor desk repeatedly on both arms, as if she were waiting for someone to ask, “What’ll you have?”

Some of the tweets are quite funny, including one posted the following day (yesterday), asking “Who won? I fell asleep.” Or one posted during the election, with a verse of “99 bottles of beer on the wall.”

To read more, click Twitter’s @DrunkDianeSawyer.

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