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Posted: December 6th, 2012
Driving school for dogs?

Proving just how smart our canine counterparts are, a charity in New Zealand is training them to drive cars.

I kid you not. Done by a series of commands by a trainer, the schnauzer in the BBC video starts the car, shifts the gears, accelerates and even steers the vehicle. By repeating the motions over and over again, then linking them into what is called “trained behaviors,” the dogs start to understand what is expected of them and in so doing, how to drive the car.

If the question on your mind is why? Why train dogs to drive cars? Well, you’re not alone. That was my question as well.

The dogs being trained are former rescue dogs. Shelters in New Zealand is having particular trouble getting homes for these pets. And the thought is if they can be trained to do something that most people might not believe they can do, they will be more apt to be adopted.

Take a few minutes to see the video. Click here. 

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