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Posted: December 20th, 2012
God and gun control

Should the two even be connected?

While some cry separation of church and state, others claim it’s the duty of religious leaders to step forward and make a strong case for stricter gun control laws.

Admittedly, gun control has not been on the forefront of the political scene for several years. But with the number of massacres increasing, many are asking why not. According to Religion Link, a journalism resource site, the topic is complicated.

“Many religious groups have policy statements decrying gun violence and advocating gun control, those statements are often a decade old or more, and gun control advocates say that few religious groups are making gun control a priority. The push for a faith-based action for gun control is also complicated by the fact that gun ownership and opposition to gun control are part of the religious worldview of many Christians, especially evangelicals and Pentecostals in the South and West. Southern Baptists and Mormons, in particular, are influential voices opposing restrictions on gun ownership. In fact, a 2006 nationwide poll commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation found that half of all hunters and anglers identified as evangelical Christians.”

Where do you stand on this?

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5 comments on “God and gun control

  1. Gun obsession and god (religion) go hand in hand, seeing that both are based on fear, ignorance and disdain for your fellow man. That, and unsubstantiated claims so often repeated.

  2. Matt, Guns are not an obsession they are the only thing standing between us and Tyranny. Not to be infringed is attached only to the Second Amendment for good reason. Do NOT be fooled into letting this horrific tragedy become a gun control debate. This needs to be a school security debate and protecting our children debate. To this day the worst school massacre to occur was in Bath Michigan in 1927 carried out using dynamite. School massacres have been carried out using everything from flame throwers to knives. This is not a new phenomenon and the first School massacre in the U.S.A happened in the mid 1700s yes the 1700s. Its not the video games,or the movies,or the music. This is a problem concerning mental health and security not guns.

  3. This would be which “religion”? The one that won’t allow a woman to be a priest, and forbids men from having vasectomies or women from using “the pill”? Or the one that forbids coffee and tobacco? Perhaps the religion that seeks to deny women an education? Or the one that believes an extraterrestrial is trapped in our bodies?

    When it’s 3 am and I hear the glass breaking on my side door, I’m not calling my priest for protection. I’ll defend myself, and my family (and you if the need arose) against those who would wish to do us harm. I’m not looking for “religious leaders” to advise me on how I should turn the other cheek when my wife or daughter is held at knifepoint.

    Speak to me, if you wish, on generosity, kindness and heaven (or becoming an Operating Thetan if that’s your own bizarre view), but I’ll make my own choices on defending myself and my family.

  4. Joe, Impressed with your knowledge, you just blew Matt’s ignorance and guns claim out of the water. There is a connection between God and Guns. Stop teaching about our loving Creator(God), teach that the human race is an accident(big bang) or that evolved from the muck and mire or apes and you get our current lack of compassion. You get a disconnect from life and love. You get selfish lost people taking wht they want doing what they want. People need to be able to protect themselves. You can have my stuff, but you can’t harm my family. There are more people killed by cars and alcohol everyday why are we not talking about baning cars and alcohol

  5. Joe, I said gun obsession, not guns are an obsession. Perhaps if you would have read my post with an objective mindset, you wouldn’t have then proceeded to go completely off subject and become and faux NRA spokesman.

    Now, if you wish to respond, examine both of my posts and please, for credibility sake, stay on subject.

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