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Posted: December 18th, 2012
One in four teens texts while driving

And those are just the ones that admit it. The more interesting fact uncovered by the survey done by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and paid for by Toyota, is that only one in 100 parents think their teens are texting while driving. Surveying 5500 young drivers and their parents, the results underscore the gaping divide between parental awareness and teen behavior.

Nothing new there. But one of the other insights brought to light by the survey is that teens will mirror their parents when it comes to the decisions they make behind the wheel. If parents drink or eat while driving, they will be three times more likely to do the same. This applies to wearing a seatbelt, using a car seat for a baby, searching the radio and talking on a cell phone–the latter two would be considered distracted driving.

For more information, go on or check out the Toyota Teen Driver site.

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  1. I so totally agree!!

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