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Posted: December 17th, 2012
Westboro Baptist Church is at it again

Vowing to protest at Sandy Hook Elementary School yesterday during President Obama’s speech, the controversial Westboro Baptist Church that some call a cult, has found their website firmly in the sites of Anonymous. According to the Christian Post and other media outlets, the loosely knit community of hacktivists has claimed responsibility for hacking their website and releasing personal information about its members.

“A video by KY Anonymous has stated, “We will not allow you to corrupt the minds of America with your seeds of hatred. We will not allow you to inspire aggression to the social factions which you deem inferior. We will render you obsolete. We will destroy you. We are coming.”"

Of course the question foremost in my mind is why would members of Westboro want to protest Sandy Hook Elementary in the first place? (Why I was looking for a plausible reason in the first place should have been my first question.) I found my answer on the Huffington Post. 

“Members of the Westboro Baptist Church say that America is being punished for its acceptance of gays and lesbians. In recent days, Phelps family members have sent tweets about the Connecticut shooting that have said “God sent the shooter.”

So far, no sign of the lunatic fringe group appearing in Newtown yet.

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