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Posted: February 8th, 2013
Horse meat in food stuffs overseas reaches scandal proportions

Prepared, frozen lasagna found in grocery markets in England have been found to be made of 100 percent horse meat. In a precautionary measure, according to the BBC, the manufacturer recalled the product, but that has done little to allay the fears of meat-eating consumers across the pond.

While the food safety governing body there (FSA) says there has been no health risk, it has ordered that the company test the lasagna for the veterinary drug phenylbutazone, which may pose a risk to human health. Bute, as it’s called, is used for short term relief against fever and pain in horses.

The FSA said the company had tested 18 of its beef lasagna products and found 11 meals containing between 60% and 100% horse meat. The product was supplied by a company in France.

To my way of thinking, the bigger issue is how extensive is this practice of substituting horse meat for beef? Clearly, it’s illegal and I would venture, if it’s in one frozen lasagna, it most likely is in a lot more prepared foods, and who knows? Maybe in ground beef products as well.

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2 comments on “Horse meat in food stuffs overseas reaches scandal proportions

  1. IronCelt on said:

    Perhaps the use of horse meat relates to the scarcity of beef due to mad cow disease? I hadn’t heard about the drug issue, but until then it just seemed like a “false advertising” issue.

  2. michelle on said:

    So why are people going to be upset about eating horse meat, but not cow, pig, turkey, chicken, etc. I’d say it should pretty much be an all or nothing deal. If you’re going to draw the line saying that eating horse meat is wrong, then why is cow meat perfectly acceptable? It’s all simply what you’re accustomed to in society…

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