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Posted: February 7th, 2013
Mixing alcohol with diet drinks leads to higher BAC

Who knew?

For those of us calories conscious types, getting around the high number of useless calories in cocktails has been a frustration. Many of us cleverly figured out if we mix them with sugar-free soft drinks, i.e., diet tonic, diet Coke, etc., we can save a boatload of calories.

But news that doing so actually makes you drunker and increases your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) by as much as 18 percent, is a sobering thought.

According the journal Alcoholism, reported by ABC News, researchers believe that it has to do with sugar, which actually stimulates the stomach much like a meal does, which delays the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. The result is that drinkers get a less-potent hit of alcohol in their systems after drinking if they used a sugary mixer with their booze. Since there’s no sugar in diet drinks, the alcohol hits the bloodstream much sooner.

But if you’re really worried about calories, researchers point out, stop drinking alcohol altogether since it’s full of calories with no real nutritional value.

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