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Posted: March 12th, 2013
South Dakota legislators vote to arm school teachers

Do you remember the 1970′s Saturday Night Live skit, Show us your guns? Granted it, I am dating myself, but I remember seeing it while I was in college and thinking it was hysterical. The segment showed all kinds of stereotypically unlikely people whipping out their guns, smiling inanely and waggling all kinds of varieties of guns for the camera. My favorite is the bride, who’s hiding what looks like a machine gun under her dress and the mother with a baby carriage, who has a handgun in the diaper bag. The irony is that the police officer directing traffic fumbles around his waist band and actually has no gun.

I wonder if this is where we’re going with all this debate over our right to bear arms, underscored by the recent decision by the South Dakota legislature to allow teachers to carry guns to school.

I think you can tell by the way I am writing this that I wasn’t raised around guns. No hunters in my family. No skeet shooters. No gangstas. My dad had a .22 that he’d kept from his youth when he used it to shoot rats at Stink Creek in Omaha.

I couldn’t tell you the difference between a semi-automatic and an uzi. Maybe they’re the same for all I know. Full disclosure.

That said, my concern isn’t so much about protecting the rights of the average citizen to stockpile arms. I list more toward the general worry over having more guns in the hands of more people. Perhaps that’s naive; maybe it’s stupid. And it might just incense those who feel passionate about the gun cause. I don’t know.

But if we’ve come to a place where school teachers need to have guns, I think we have got much larger problems on our hands than defending someone’s right to own a weapon.

Click here to see the SNL skit.



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