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By Lenore Skomal Erie Times-News staff blogger
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Posted: April 19th, 2013
Adults guilty of texting and driving more than teens

Kind of shocked me when I read this, since 98 percent of those adults surveyed in the AT&T study admitted that they knew texting and driving was a dangerous combination. Yet more than half of them do text and drive.

Why do they do it? The top reasons cited: Sending a text while driving has become second nature, it made them more productive and it helped them feel connected.

They sound like pretty lame reasons to me. I personally can’t do this. I am physically unable to type anything intelligible while trying to focus on the road before me. This lack of ability to multitask has proven, I’m sure, to save my life more times than I will ever know, not to mention the lives of those around me.

Remember the days before cell phones? Time in the car was private time. I used to relish my 30 minute commute to work with just the radio or, better yet, silence as my only companion. Sigh. Toward that end, I now force myself not to look at my phone at all while driving my car. Even at the stop light. It’s a discipline really, but who am I that I need to be in constant communication with the world around me? I’m neither the president of the United States, nor the head of a multinational conglomerate, for goodness sakes.

Some things just have to wait.

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