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Posted: May 14th, 2013
Witches banned from flying over Swaziland

Witchcraft is no laughing matter in the southern African country of Swaziland. So much so, that an official in that country claimed that flying on a broomstick over 150 metres (about 500 feet) above the country would merit arrest and a hefty fine (500,000 South African Rand, roughly $54,000).

The South Africa Times Live reports that the comment by Civil Aviation Authority marketing and corporate affairs director for that country was made after reporters asked for clarification of aviation laws, following the recent arrest of a citizen “for operating a toy helicopter equipped with a video camera, of which he boasted using to gather surveillance information similar to the way a drone aircraft operates.”

Interesting to note, however, the traditional broom in Swaziland has no handle. It’s a short bundle of sticks. Hard to fly on one of those. Maybe that’s considered a convertible.

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