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Posted: July 11th, 2013
New Canadian bills can melt

I  haven’t been to Canada in a long time, but when we do go, we don’t exchange currency. We just use good ole, depreciating US bills. And boy am I glad!

Canada is in the final phases of converting their old bills to polymer bills–basically, dollar bills made of synthetic plastic. Apparently, there have been reports that the new bills, available currently in larger bills only, have melted. Bills left accidentally in a pocket, then laundered and dried in a dryer have melted; left on a table under the heat of a table lamp have melted; and left in a car on a particularly hot day have melted.

According to Sun News, the Bank of Canada insists the new high-tech bills were put through rigorous tests, including temperature extremes.

Australia was the first country to convert to these new, colorful and often fake-feeling bills, which are said to incorporate many security features not possible with the paper notes we have. They also last significantly longer than paper notes, resulting in a decrease in environmental impact and a reduction of production and replacement costs

U.S. currency is composed of 75% cotton and 25% linen, according to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, both of which wash, dry and clean well. And don’t shrink or melt. Apparently, it’s going to stay that way. Because from what I’ve read, America has no plans to change to plastic money.

Learn more about the notes here.

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