Gut Check: Making simple sense out of life
By Lenore Skomal Erie Times-News staff blogger
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Posted: September 27th, 2013
It’s only money

I’ve found myself saying that a lot lately. And some of my friends laugh at me and others give me sympathetic looks, as if I’m a sandwich short of a picnic. But when you sell your house and possessions, in order to lighten the load for the latter years of life, you go through a bit of a shift in perspective. At least we have. Quibbling over price can be fun when you don’t really want the thing your dickering over. But when you do, it’s incredibly annoying and even painful. At some point, you just get to the point where you shrug and say, “It’s only money.” And give in. Or give up.

I remember my once-little boy saying to me, “Is $2,000 a lot of money to spend for something?” I replied that it depended on what he’d be spending it on and how badly he wanted it. I often think of that because it helps remind me that desire is the determining factor when it comes to so many purchases. And the reverse is true as well. How much you desire to sell something, to be rid of it, will often dictate how low you will go.

Human created money, as way to simplify the barter system and add a level of uniformity, among other things. As a manmade convention, it’s taken off and accruing it for an overwhelming majority, has become the biggest goal in life. But as my dear old dad would say, “You can’t eat money. It’s only good for the happiness it can bring you and others.”

Believing that has made it so much easier during this process of downsizing and letting go of material possessions–many things I greedily hugged like lifelines to the fading past. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for someone else to own and enjoy them now. After all, they’re only things.

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