More Spring Birding!

Well, spring migration has finally taken wing and how happy we are that Presque Isle State Park plays host to such a wide variety of winged “guests” this time of year.  I attended Jerry McWilliams birding identification class this past Saturday as well as the one prior and WOW! what a difference a week can make.  Last week we recorded 53 species of birds which included one warbler, the yellow rumped.  This Saturday we had 72 species including 10 species of warbler: Blue-Winged, Nashville, Yellow, Magnolia, Common Yellowthroat, Yellow-Rumped, Black-Throated Green, Black-and-White, Pine and Palm.  We also got 3 vireos: blue-headed, white-eyed and warbling. As any of you who photograph birds know, it’s no easy task to capture a warbler or other small passerine in the foliage.   I’ve included some shots I’ve taken over the years because yesterday I got NONE!

The predominant warbler species this weekend were palms, like this handsome gent (Fry's Landing (PISP) 04/30/10) and...

this equally handsome gent, the yellow-rumped warbler! (Fry's Landing 04/30/10)

The first warbler I ever “shot” with my 500 mm lens was a black-throated green.  They were much more cooperative last year, or I was just more fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.

Black-throated green warbler, male, spring 2009 in Fry's Landing PISP

Even smaller and just as elusive in the foliage as the warblers is the blue gray gnatcatcher, pictured below working a tree for, you guessed it, gnats!

Male blue-gray gnatcatcher, Lily Pond Trail 04/30/10

Scarlet Tanager, male, Fry's Landing 04/30/10

Looking at all these pictures, I can’t wait to get out to the park again!!!  You should come down too because, the 3rd Annual Festival of the Birds will take place this coming weekend, May 7-9th.  We still have a few slots open, so come on down and register for a weekend full of all things bird!  Here is a link to a schedule of festival events.  On the afternoon of Sunday the 9th Sue DeArment from Tamarack Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center will be there with the center’s education raptors.  See a full article about the wonderful work the center is doing in today’s Erie Times News or at  We will also have craft and education opportunities for the community on Sunday afternoon so come on down!!!

Year long residents at Presque Isle are this great horned owl and her mate (who must be off fetching lunch:)


  1. Excellent post! LOVE all of them but that owl is amazing!

  2. It would be easy to walk by that stump and not see the Owl.

    Lovely photos!

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